Site navigation

This site offers several functionalities allowing all Internet users to navigate easily.

The main logo

On all pages, the website logo displayed in the banner allows you to return to the site's home page with a single click.

The Ariadne's thread

On all pages of the site (except the home page), an Ariadne thread is displayed at the top of the main content.
This Ariadne thread allows you to locate yourself in the tree structure of the site.
It tells you how far you have come from the home page to the current page and also allows you to go up the tree structure of the site via links.

The site map

On all pages, a site map is accessible via a link in the footer.
This site map allows you to have an overview of the tree structure of the site and to directly access the section or page of your choice.

The search engine

On all pages, a search engine is available in the banner.
When you perform a search, this search engine lists the pages of the site that best meet your expectations.

The "Top of page" link

A "Top of page" link is available at the end of each page.
This link allows you to quickly find the main menu and the Ariadne feed.

Features offered by your browser

In addition to the help provided directly on the site, it has been designed in such a way that your browser can take full advantage of its own functionalities.

Enlarging the font size

On all the pages of the site, you have the possibility to enlarge the size of the characters.

If you are on a PC, use the Ctrl + +  key combination to enlarge the font size. The combination of Ctrl + - keys allows you to reduce the size of the characters.

Pressing these keys successively allows you to increase or decrease the character size in increments.

Note also that the Ctrl + 0 key combination (the "zero" digit) allows you to return to the default text size.

Mac users, you just have to replace the Ctrl key with the Cmd key in the combinations announced above to perform the same actions.

Keyboard navigation

This site has been designed in such a way as to allow keyboard navigation on all pages.

In most cases, you just need to tap the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate from one clickable element to another clickable element in the page.

Conversely, if you want to go up in the opposite direction of the reading, use the Shift + Tab key combination.

Favourite Betting

Keyboard users, you can mark any page as a favorite.

To do this, go to the desired page, then press the Ctrl + D keys on your keyboard if you are on a PC, Cmd + D if you are on a Mac.

Website accessibility

What is web accessibility?

An accessible website is a site that allows all Internet users to access its content without difficulty, including people with disabilities who use specialized software or hardware.
An accessible site allows for example to:

  • Navigate with voice syntheses or Braille tracks (especially used by blind or visually impaired users).
  • Customize the site's display according to its needs (character magnification, color modification, etc.).
  • Navigate without using the mouse, with the keyboard only or via a touch screen.
  • Etc.

Level of site accessibility

This site has been created and is updated based on the  W3C  standards as well as the AcceDe Web accessibility records. 

In particular, they meet the following accessibility criteria:

  • Style sheets are used to manage the layout of the site.
  • The main language of the pages is declared.
  • The pages of the site have a unique and precise title.
  • Links and button headings are explicit (understandable by nature).
  • Images requiring it have a replacement text.
  • Section titles structure the contents of the pages.
  • The forms are accessible.
  • The site can be used on keyboard only.
  • A "Content" avoidance link is available on all pages of the site.
  • The texts are not justified.

Contact us

We undertake to make this site available to all Internet users, regardless of their physical and/or cognitive dispositions.
However, should you encounter a problem while browsing or accessing certain content on the site, please do not hesitate to contact us, giving as much detail as possible of your situation and the problem encountered, so that we can find a solution together. Don't forget to tell us the address of the page concerned.

Via the online form

To contact us via the online form, simply go to the "Contact" page and fill in the form.


To learn more about the accessibility of the website or how the different features work, please click the relevant submenu item.